First Presbyterian Preschool

The Power of Play



Medford, Oregon is where First Presbyterian Preschool is located.  We are a child-centered program for children 3 to 5 years old, which emphasizes social interaction, personal growth and the learning of preschool skills through active exploration of preschool math and reading.

Our preschool, in Medford, has serviced many generations over the last thirty-five years.

We are dedicated to providing a loving environment where children share time, space, and friends.  The curriculum is facilitated in a planned and stimulating classroom where children are prepared to deal with life's many challenges and to live peacefully with one another.

 The preschool is sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church in Medford, Oregon. The school is non-sectarian.

First Presbyterian Preschool offers a variety of classes and accepts registration throughout the school year. Many Scholorships are availiable for our Child Development classes.